Finance managementFinanciënbeheer

Finance management

Click the tab [Finance] on the main screen and the following screen appears.

The tab Finance lets you create default invoices quickly by clicking the button [New Invoice]. Click the button [Pay Invoice] if the invoice is paid immediately and in full. A full payment booking will be created and the invoice will be put on “Paid”. Would you like to add multiple descriptions or items in an invoice or does the customer makes partial payments? Click the button [Invoice management] and the window Invoices will appear. There you can excersice more control over the invoices.

Invoice management

Click the button [Invoice management] in the screen Finances or on the Window menu and the following window appears.

In this Window called Finance you have the option to add or delete multiple invoice items to or from an invoice. You can also book or delete partial payments. In Invoice Payment you add a new payment and fill in the amount. You select the customer who is making the payment. and click [Add]. Booked By is automatically filled in with the name of the person who is logged in into the system.

There is also the possibility to verify that payments match with the amounts of the invoices by clicking the button [Check Invoices]. If not, the invoice will be put on “Paid: No”. This is especially important if you add or delete invoice items afterwards.

Please realize that TrackManager is not an accounting program. You are completely free in handling payments and billing.