At the top of the main window you can choose different menus; FileEditWindow and Help. Clicking on it shows an overview of relevant sub menus.

The menu File

Click on the tab File and the following sub menu will appear.

When you choose for Log Off the login window will appear over the current screen. You will need to log in again. The current screen remains visible, but frozen. For changing some of the settings you will need to restart the program. The option Reload makes this easy. After restarting you will need to log in again. The option Exit allows you to close the application. Any unsaved changes will not be saved.


The menu Edit

Click on the tab Edit and the following sub menu will appear.

Some days your ski center will be closed or a ski slope can be closed for maintenance. You can (de)block a whole day by clicking Lock / Unlock Day, a whole track by clicking Lock / Unlock Track or just a lesson by clicking Lock / Unlock Lesson. On blocked hours lessons cannot be booked or removed. To remove all locks on a day click the option Clear All Locks.

The option Save Screen Position remembers the exact location and size of the screen. The next time you start the application this size and location will be used. 

During start-up, TrackManager determines how many tracks fits next to each other on your monitor and will build the main window on this basis. By varying the size of the screen you can influence this.

The menu Window

Click on the tab Window and the following sub menu will appear.

Clicking on Settings schows a new window with all possible settings you can set. A comprehensive overview of all possible settings can be found in the feature Settings. Clicking the option Security will open the page where you can create logins for your employees. See the feature Logging In for details.

The menu Help

Click on the tab Help and the following sub menu will appear.

By clicking Manual you will be redirected to our online manual. The option About TrackManager opens the splash screen with the version number of the program.