TrackManager is completely free. This free version has no limitations whatsoever.

Download TrackManager on our download page.

On the top of the main screen of TrackManager you will see the name under which TrackManager is licensed. The default name is "Thicor Services Demo License". This name will be printed on top of every report. You can replace this name with your own by ordering a free license at the Thicor Supportdesk. Tell us the name that should be displayed with the license and the email address where we should send the license to. We will send you a license file with a license code based on the name you give us.


If you need support you can contact us.
Support costs € 50,- per hour or a part of an hour.

Would you like a support contract? that is possible. For € 250,- you are entitled to 10 hours of remote support for the current season. The season is always from July 1st until June 30. On the 1st of July all non used support hours expire. Time used in a support contract will be rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour. If you have used up all your hours, we will inform you about this and offer you the opportunity to renew your support contract with another 10 hours effective immediately.

It is possible to purchase a support contract at any moment, but please keep in mind that we need a 2 day period for administrative processing. When you order a support contract we will send you an invoice. As soon as payment is received and confirmed by us, the contract is in effect. You can request to have the contract start at a later date for instance at the changing of seasons.


What kinds of support can we provide:

  • The installation and use of the program TrackManager.
  • Designing a customized report for your company.
  • Troubleshooting any problems specific to your company or IT environment regarding TrackManager.

Support by Thicor Help Desk is available by email and phone. If necessary we will use TeamViewer to take remote control of your PC, so we can zoom in quickly on any problems that you experience.

Updates and hot fixes within version 4 of TrackManager are always free. It is possible that a future version of TrackManager will not be free. If that is the case you can continue using version 4, but it is conceivable that there will be no more updates for this version.

All prices are excluding VAT.